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Apple aquires patent for glasses-less 3D projection  

Apple, the company known for its minimalist aesthetics, recently received a patent for a glasses-less 3D projection method. The image would be projected on to two different textured and reflective layers and, by sensing the position of the viewer's eyes, direct images to each eye separately, creating the stereoscopic effect. The goal that Apple, and other companies such as Toshiba and Nintendo, are aiming for is an unrestricted 3D viewing experience that doesn't require specific positioning or extraneous equipment to enjoy and can be inexpensive enough to be a commercially viable home entertainment system.

The reason why Apple's method differs from others on the market now is that, like everything else from Apple, it's much more simple and efficient, using less processing power than competitors and allowing complete freedom of movement for the viewer. But don't get your hopes up just yet. Apple has no immediate plans to develop a 3D projection system. However, if this technology is truly the future of entertainment, you can bet you'll see Apple unveil the sleekest, most Tron-like system sooner rather than later.

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