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How To: Recover a missing or stolen iPhone 

Two of the most talked-about features of the newly-released iPhone 3.0 software have been 'Find My iPhone' and 'Remote Wipe,' which respectively allow users to locate a missing iPhone via GPS and (if necessary) erase sensitive data from the device, all from any internet-enabled location. Here's to to do it:

What you'll need:

1) iPhone or iPod Touch running iPhone OS 3.0
2) MobileMe account, available at

How it works:

After setting up your MobileMe account on your Mac and syncing it to your iPhone, navigate to the MobileMe account settings on the iPhone. This is found under Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> (Your MobileMe Account). Once there, simply enable the 'Find My iPhone' setting, as shown below:

In the event that your iPhone is lost or stolen, simply visit and login with your MobileMe account information. There, you will see a 'Find My iPhone' link. Clicking the link will locate your device's exact GPS position and give you the additional options of displaying a message on the device, sounding a continuous warning tone, or initiating a remote wipe of the device's data.

That's all there is to it!
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15 Essential Macintosh Utilities 

Renowned for productivity, efficiency, ease of use, and security, Apple's Mac tops the list when it comes to computers. If you're an avid Mac user, you already know the multitude of things your Mac can do to improve your productivity and make your life easier. But, did you know there are online tools available which can make your Mac even faster, more secure and can easily customize your Mac into a productivity powerhouse?

It's incredible to think about all of the things you can get online for free or nearly free to help increase your Mac efficiency. Below are 15 Mac tools that you just can't afford to pass up or live without.

1) BatChMod -

Utility for manipulating file and folder privileges in Mac OS X. It allows the manipulation of ownership as well as the privileges associated to the Owner, Group or others.

2) FontFinagler -

Clean all of your font caches with one click. Adds support for cleaning the font cache files of Adobe, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft applications.

3) CarbonCopyCloner -

Built on the latest synchronization technology available, CCC delivers a high fidelity backup of your data. With performance enhancements and the new "bootability" verification, it's now faster and easier than ever to create an up-to-date, bootable backup of your Macintosh.

4) Memtest -

Command-line tool for testing your computer's memory. Memtest OS X has the ability to find intermittent memory problems that are the frequent cause of unexplained crashes or freezes in Macs.

5) TextWrangler - ... load.shtml

Open any text file with this free tool; useful for editing configuration and preference files.

6) Chicken of the VNC -

Free remote control tool for any computer on the internet; this is an affordable alternative to Apple's $499 Remote Desktop.

7) Lingon -

Take control of your Mac's automation abilities with this free script scheduling utility.

8) WhatSize -

Quickly find the largest files on your hard drive and free up valuable space.

9) Nessus - ... s32-macosx

Comprehensive security test for any network, small or large.

10) iStumbler -

Quickly find open Wi-Fi networks, view their range, signal strength, and more.

11) DropCopy -

The easiest way to share files between two Macs.

12) Applejack -

Great troubleshooting tool for when your Mac refuses to boot up.

13) Fink -

Brings the world of open-source UNIX software to your Mac.

14) IPSecuritas -

Connect to your office VPN with ease while it also extends the abilities of the Mac's VPN client.

15) MailServe - ... index.html

Run your own mail server on any Mac computer.

These must have tools, applications and utilities provide you with the added power to maximize your Mac computing efficiency and place you on the cutting-edge of technology.
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