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Wikileaks Woes 

Wikileaks has been under fire recently for they're decision to release confidential and potentially damaging information about us policy regarding the united nations. Among the files was a order by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to collect data on the leaders of the United Nations such as VPN versions, passwords, and security measures.
After the announcement that the website going to put up the information regardless of the outcries it was immediately attacked by a Denial of Service attack which kept the site from being accessed for several hours. There have been several demands made by US senators that wikileaks be prosecuted, though that is highly unlikely to happen. As of the time this was written the website is still being attacked.

if you would like to learn more about the WikiLeaks controversy you can find more information at by clicking Here.
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OSX 10.7 announced 

Apple has announced that its new operating system (10.7) will be called Lion, keeping with the big cat theme. One of the more interesting concepts for the new OS is the idea of "all the best features found in iOS, integrated into OSX". Some of the new features include a Mac app store, which, like the iOS app store, allows you to browse apps directly from the operating system and download them to your computer. Also included are full screen apps and a nifty little addition called Mission Control which allows you to have a unified view of full screen apps, expose, solaces, and dashboard. Look for Lion to be released sometime this summer.

picture of "mission control" below

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Apple drops Flash support 

Apple silently announced that they are considering dropping Java altogether. Though the new update for 10.6.3 contains a update to Java, it is depreciated, which means Apple may be getting ready to completely remove the development from Mac OS and iOS. A statement released from Apple stated that, "As of the release of Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 3, the version of Java that is ported by Apple, and that ships with Mac OS X, is depreciated," Apple said. "This means that the Apple-produced runtime will not be maintained at the same level, and may be removed from future versions of Mac OS X." As we know, Apple also has some problems with Adobe right now, and this will only aggrivate further issues between them.

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New MacBook Air announced 

It was announced by Apple at the back to the Mac event, that there was a new MacBook Air in the works. The new portable runs on flash memory which allows the Air to keep its streamlined shape and still have a decent storage capacity (64G to 256G) though still no firewire support or internal disc drive. The baseline price for the new Air is $999.00 which is definitely a price drop considering just a few years ago the white MacBooks were going for the same, but it still feels a bit gimmicky. After the initial oohs and ahhs about the design, most people will realize that this is a machine for a small but gradually widening niche, though it is certainly worth taking a closer look at.

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Verizon iPhone!? 

The Wall Street Journal has recently quoted an unnamed source saying that Apple's hardware manufacturers are working on a CDMA version of the iPhone. Verizon is the only network that uses CDMA so it would naturally point to the fact that the rumors we have been hearing about for the past two years are now coming true. The sources also said that the new iPhones would begin production late September and possibly be released on the traditional date between late January and February. Another interesting thing to note is that AT&T recently raised its early termination fee from $175 to $325, which could be a way of setting heavy penalties against potential migrators to the Verizon network. Not a single one of these things is a smoking gun, however they definitely point to the possibility of seeing a CDMA iPhone launched later this year.
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